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Gira G1

Published on 07 Dec 2015 inspire
Gira G1

Gira have done it again with the Gira G1. This small and powerful device is an intelligent central point of control for a home. It enables full operational control of all building intelligence aspects, from light dimming to temperature control and even door communication. The high-resolution multi-touch display allows for all the functions to be easily controlled with a simple touch or gesture. 

Materials and Design
The sleek and elegant Gira G1 is made using high-quality materials giving it its attractive and aesthetically pleasing appearance. The scratch-resistant 1mm special glass sits on top of the quality metal frame giving it a sophisticated look and feel. It is available in black and white and therefore integrates well into different interiors. Making it an ideal operating system for most residential projects. 

The Display
The brilliant 6” screen allows for a clear display and easily legible graphics from all viewing angles for function control by people of different heights. The light sensitive display automatically adapts to the surrounding lighting conditions via the brightness sensor and the motion sensor detects a person approaching the Gira G1, automatically switching on the display. When the device is not being used, it switches it self off, saving energy. 

Loud Speaker and Microphone
The multi-talented Gira G1 can be used as a home station for a door communication system with its two integrated microphones and loudspeaker. 

The G1 can be used as the central controller for a KNX system and uses KNX over IP to communicate on POE Ethernet. It is the perfect solution for apartments and kitchen or living spaces of larger home and is easily configured along with the whole KNX system within ETS.

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