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Blog Post

GIRA S1 + X1 + G1 secure and flexible

Published on 13 Mar 2018 inspire

I think this suite of products - S1 + X1 + G1 - represents the highest and most modular form of visualisation available on the market today. The S1 in its attractive red packaging stands alone as uniquely designed to allow access security to the KNX system. The S1 represents one of the first products in the new and important area of network security. 

The Gira S1 represents a real shift in the product set from Gira for visualisation and control of a KNX system. The combination of:

  • S1 for secure remote access and control 
  • X1 for visualisation on device and logic
  • G1 for in-room screen

The S1 is a security and access gateway that allows simple access from a device outside a property into the KNX environment, allowing control from the Gira app as well as reprogramming and diagnosis of KNX system from ETS in a secure way, without having to open unsecure tunnels in the router, or setting up of a VPN. 

The S1 allows connection to the building through Gira's own portal taking advantage of the high level of data security regulation in Germany. The S1 also provides secure access to the KNX bus making it more secure against rogue data vectors.

The S1 with the X1, and soon the G1 client to the X1, provide modern and contemporary visualisation of the KNX installation that we expect to see on our devices. Though not everyone wants to control their home from a device it is simple enough for everyone in the home to use.

To configure and install is easy using the GIRA programming assistant (GPA) programme. Not only can I set up complex logic using block functions, there is also the ability to visualise the project using the templated contemporary design.

New components continue to be added to the X1 and G1 visualisations. Recently for audio control: allowing artist and track information from an audio controller, say Sonos.  Also, a new heatpump and heating component allowing for timers, set points and fan speed control, simply and easily.

It seems to me that a new age is dawning for KNX, where the concerns of network security and ease of access and interaction with our buildings are being addressed as never before.  Exciting times for the industry as the leaders in this race line up to win their places in the future of our 'better buildings'.

Colin Price