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New KNX Partners

Published on 22 Jun 2017 inspire

Seven new KNX partners

In the shadow of the Auckland harbour bridge after successfully completing the KNX Basic certification course with flying colours.  All the students were delighted with their achievement of a qualification which demonstrates they have a deep understanding of the KNX principles and commissioning techniques. 

"This was one of the best taught and run training course I have ever been on. Thanks to Ivory Egg for keeping us well busy, well educated and well fed during the four days it took me to become a KNX engineer.  I will be sending another employee through the course in the New Year.   Ivory Egg rocks!!" - Lee Hyndman, Teltekz 


Jake Booth - The Listening Post
Nathaniel Grigg  - Vaughan Armstrong Audio Visual
Ryan Jones - Custom Digital
Lee Hyndman - Teltekz
Wiri Kemp - Tone Electrical
Dean Bezuidenhout - Real IT
Tao Xie - TKX Engineering

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