Switch Actuator, 12-fold, 16/20 AX, C-Load, MDRC
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ABB SA/S12.16.5.1

Switch Actuator, 12-fold, 16/20 AX, C-Load, MDRC

Product code: 2CDG110137R0011
Uses potential free contacts to switch 12 independent electrical loads via the KNX Bus. Manual and visual operation. The 16/20AX (C-load) device is especially suited for loads with high surge currents.
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Switch Actuator SA/S, 16/20 A is a modular installation device in ProM design for installation in the distribution board. It is especially suitable for switching loads with high peak inrush currents such as lighting equipment with compensation capacitors or fluorescent lamp loads (AX) to EN 60 669.

Manual actuation of the Switch Actuator is possible using a button. This simultaneously indicates the contact position.

The Switch Actuator can switch 12 independent electrical loads via floating contacts. The maximum load current per output is 20 A. The connection of the outputs is implemented using combo-head screw terminals. Each output is controlled separately via KNX.

The device does not require an additional power supply and is ready for immediate use, after the bus voltage has been applied.

The Switch Actuator is parameterized via ETS. Connection to KNX is implemented using the bus connection terminal on the front.

The following functions can be set individually for each output:

  • Time and ON/OFF delay functions
  • Staircase lighting function with warning and modifiable staircase lighting time
  • Recall of scenes/presets via 8/1 bit commands
  • Logical functions AND, OR, XOR, GATE function
  • Status messages
  • Forced operation and safety functions
  • Response to threshold values
  • Control of electro-thermal valve drives
  • Selection of the default state on bus voltage failure and recovery
  • Output inversion

Technical Details


  • Bus Voltage: KNX Bus 21...32VDC
  • Bus Current Consumption: Max 12mA
  • Outputs: 12
  • Output Rated Voltage: 250/440 V AC (50/60 Hz)
  • Output Rated Current: 16/20AX C-Load Per Channel
  • Current detection: no
  • Un rated voltage: 250/440 V AC (50/60 Hz)
  • In rated current: 16/20 AX, C-Load
  • Leakage loss per device at max. load: 16 A- 12.0w
  • Leakage loss per device at max. load: 20 A- 16.0w
  • AC3 operation (cos j = 0.45) EN 60 947-4-1: 16 A/230 V AC
  • AC1 operation (cos j = 0.8) EN 60 947-4-1: 16/20 A/230 V AC
  • Fluorescent lighting load AX to EN 60 669-1: 16/20 AX/250 V (200 mF) 2)
  • Minimum switching power: 100 mA/12 V AC 100 mA/24 V AC
  • DC current switching capacity (resistive load): 20 A/24 V AC



Technology KNX
Mounting DIN Rail
Input voltage KNX Bus (29VDC)
Outputs 12
IP rating IP20
Mounting Width 12MW
EAN 40 16779 71107 4
brand ABB

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