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ARCUS 40120186


Product code: 40120186
The KNX-DMX Gateway is an Interface between the KNX bus and the DMX512 bus. It combines elements of building automation with a multitude of lighting and special effects devices for every need.
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    The KNX-DMX Gateway is unidirectional, receives data telegrams on the KNX bus and transmits the data onto the DMX512 bus. The interface allows the DMX512 actuators to communicate via the KNX bus using the full range of the channel.

    The KNX-DMX Gateway contains 8 adjustable sequence positions within the whole channel range. Individual scenes with all 512 channels can be saved and retrieved using KNX group addresses. This function allows all channels to be connected simultaneously to one single object without causing any undo load on the KNX bus.

    The sequences are saved internally and can be retrieved even after a power outage. (A sequence can only be saved 10000 times during the lifetime of the device. The automatic save function should not be set for short intervals.) The set value in sequence 8 is also on for all channels when using 1 bit objects.

    The KNX-DMX Gateway is ready to use and can be positioned to the main group addresses with an S1 rotary switch. It is not necessary to program the device via the ETS.

    The KNX-DMX Gateway has 1556 objects with three types of telegrams available:

    • DPT 1.001 (1bit; switch) single channel
    • DPT 1.001(1bit; switch) save sequence and retrieve
    • DPT 3.007 (4bit; relative dimming) single channel
    • DPT 5.001 (1byte; show value) single channel

    The S2 rotary switch adjusts the transition period from one preset brightness to the next, 15 (F) being immediate, 0 a time period of 1 second from 0% to 100%.

    The S3 rotary switch automatically sets the dimming function (s.u.) parameters, 0 is no automatic dimming, otherwise dimming time = 1.5 sec * switch value (S3 = 1 .. 15 (F) ) in increments of 1% (dimming value 0111b or 1111b).

    The rotary switch settings will be prompted when starting and can be readjusted during operation by using the T1 button.

    Necessary requirements are a KNX bus, DMX 512 bus and a power supply.

    The KNX-DMX Gateway in REG casing IP20 is available in sizes of 6 units.

    Firmware upgrades can be done with ArcSuite via USB port.

Technical Details


  • Bus Voltage: KNX Bus 21...30VDC
  • Bus Current Consumption: 7mA
  • Auxiliary Voltage: 9-30 VDC / 100mA
  • Connections: RS485 (DMX), USB, DC IN, KNX Bus



Technology KNX
Dimming Type DMX
Mounting DIN Rail
Input voltage 12VDC

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