Touch sensor 3 Plus 2-gang Gira F100 pure white
  • Gir2042112
  • G2042112
GIRA 2042112

Touch sensor 3 Plus 2-gang Gira F100 pure white

Product code: 2042112
The push button sensor 3 plus combines the functions of a KNX single-room temperature controller, push button sensor and a display unit in one device. The combination of these functions makes it possible, to control the lights, blinds and the room temperature from one location. The room temperature controller and push button sensor are each independent functions The device has 2 control surfaces that can be used to operate the room temperature controller and the push button sensor. In addition the push button sensor 3 plus has 2 display buttons, which can be used to adjust the setpoint temperature and to configure additional device settings.
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Push button sensor 3 Plus 2-gang

  • Graphic display with back lighting and various display possibilities, e.g. temperature, time, date, alarm texts, information texts
  • Multicoloured status LED (red, green, blue) can be configured via the ETS
  • Two status LEDs per operating surface
  • Illumination of inscription space
  • Integrated temperature sensor for measuring ambient room temperature
  • Installation to bus coupler 3 or bus coupler 3 external sensor
  • Configuration and start-up from ETS3.0d, patch A
  • Disassembly safeguard via screw fastening
  • Clear inscription labels included 

Push button sensor properties:

  • Rocker function or button function can be set for each operation surface
  • Rocker function: switching, dimming, blind control, value transmission 1 byte, value transmission 2 bytes, scene auxiliary unit, 2-channel operation and manual fan control
  • Button function: switching, dimming, blind control, value transmission 1 byte, value transmission 2 bytes, scene auxiliary unit, 2-channel operation, controller auxiliary unit, controller operation, heater clock operation and manual fan control
  • Controller auxiliary unit or controller operation: operating mode changeover, (defined selection of operating mode or switching between various operating modes with controller auxiliary unit), switching of presence condition, setpoint offset
  • Blocker for blocking individual buttons or rockers
  • Display of an alarm message via flashing of all LEDs
  • Colour of status LED (red, green, blue) is globally configurable or separately configurable in each case. A superimposed function can be activated on the bus whereby the colour and information display of an individual status LED can be modified according to priority.
  • Illumination of inscription space ON, OFF, automatic switch-off or switchable via object.
  • Communication object for brightness control of status LED, illumination of inscription space and backlighting of display 

Room temperature controller properties:

  • Operating modes: comfort, standby, night and frost protection/ heat protection with own nominal values for temperature (for heating and/or cooling)
  • Comfort extension via presence button
  • Frost protection/heat protection changeover via window status or via frost protection automatic function.
  • Display of room temperature controller information via device display.
  • Either one or two control circuits
  • Various control types can be configured according to the heating or cooling level: PI control (constant or switching PWM) or 2-point control (switching)
  • Control parameters for PI controllers and 2-point controllers can be set
  • Internal temperature sensor and up to two external temperature sensors (1 x object, 1 x wired) possible for room temperature measurement
  • Optional external wired remote sensor 1493 00 for e.g. plaster sensor with floor heating
  • Heating clock with 28 switching times 

Technical Details


  • Bus Voltage: KNX Bus 21...32VDC
  • Bus Current Consumption: 14mA @ 29VDC
  • Ambient temperature: -5 ... +45å¼C
  • Storage/transport temperature: -20 ... +70å¼C
  • Safety class: III
  • Connection mode KNX: Standard KNX/EIB connection terminals
  • External Temp Probe when used with 2009 00 BCU: GIRA 1493 00

Requires Bus Coupler (2008 00 or 2009 00) and Frame (F100) to complete.



Technology KNX
Design range GIRA F100
Insert finish Pure White Glossy
Switch action Push Button
Mounting Depends on Frame Choice
Display Monochrome LCD
Back Box Round European
Buttons 4
Input voltage KNX Bus (29VDC)
HVAC support Temp Sensing + Regulation
Status LED's Red Blue or Green
Buscoupler Not Included
IP rating IP20
EAN 4010337081920

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