Relay module for smoke detectors
GIRA 234000

Relay module for smoke detectors

Product code: 2340 00
Relay module for the modular smoke detector 1141 ... Option for connecting external alarm devices, e.g. horn or warning light.
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The alarm relay switches with an on-site or networked alarm. The fault relay switches in case of a smoke detector fault, e.g. weak battery.

Using the relay module, alarm and fault messages can be switched to a TeleCoppler or integrated into the EIB via the push button interface, for example.

Fault messages can only be polled by smoke detectors equipped with a relay module. The relay module is simply inserted into the interface of the smoke
detectors. The networking terminals of the smoke detector can continue to be used when the module is attached.

Regardless of the type of networking (wired, radio module, relay module), a maximum of 10 smoke detectors can be combined.

Alarm output contact: 2-way switch, zero-voltage
Fault output contact: 2-way switch, zero-voltage
Switching voltage: max. 30 V
Switching current: max. 1 A

Technical Details



Technology Standard Electrics
Design range GIRA System 55
Mounting Surface
EAN 4010000000000

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