KNX Security Panel, SM
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KNX Security Panel, SM

Product code: 2CDG110150R0011
The core of the ABB safe&smart concept, the KNX Security Panel GM/A 8.1, means that all current status information is available anywhere. Depending on the operating status of the security panel, it can be used automatically both for alarm evaluation and to control the building functions as a whole. The integrated KNX connection allows the output of alarm status on the display devices of the security systems and the automatic control of building functions using the alarm sensor system.
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The KNX Security Panel is used to manage up to 5 logical areas with up to 344 zones, of which 8 zones are integrated. The number of zones via the Security Bus S-Bus 1 is dependent on the current requirement (max. 800 mA) of the connected system components, cable length and cross-section. An additional 128 zones can be integrated via KNX. The network connection is used for parameterization, operation and display via the existing web server. The Panel possesses 4 outputs for the signaling device and 4 outputs for potential-free switching (12...24 V DC/AC).
The integrated modem is used for private remote alarms using spoken messages, SMS (SMS center) and email. In addition, a system interface (ATS) allows the connection of an external ABB transmission device of the comXline series for connec- tion to a security company. It is possible to connect 2x18 Ah rechargeable batteries as critical power for up to 60 hours, in accordance with VdS, DIN EN and ISO/IEC.
The device can be used in systems with increased security requirements according to VdS Class A, B and C,
DIN VDE 0833 Level 1, 2 and 3 and EN 50 131 / IEC 62 642 Level 1, 2 and 3.

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