free@home Switch Actuator I/O, 4-fold, 16 A, MDRC
ABB SA-M-0.4.1

free@home Switch Actuator I/O, 4-fold, 16 A, MDRC

Product code: 2CDG510006R0011
Combination device with 4 binary inputs and 4 switch actuators. Conventional push-buttons or auxiliary contacts can be connected to 4 channels.The information of the contact enquiry can be used for activating ABB-free@home¨ actuators or for recording status information.

The contact polling voltage is made available by the device itself.

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Technical Details


Power supply: 21 ... 30 V DC

Power loss P: Max. 4.0 W

Bus connection: Bus connecting terminal, screwless

Switching voltage: 230 V AC, 50/60 Hz

Switching capacity according to DIN EN 60947-4: 16 A (AC1)

Connecting terminal Output

  • Combi-head screw-type terminal (PZ 1)
  • 0.2 ... 6 mm2 fine-wire
  • 0.2 ... 6 mm2 single-wire

Protection: IP 20 according to EN 60 529

Protection class: II according to EN 61 140

Overvoltage category: III according to EN 60 664-1

Pollution degree: 2 according to EN 60 664-1

Atmospheric pressure: Atmosphere up to 2,000 m

Ambient temperature: -5 ¡C Ð +45 ¡C

Storage temperature: -20 ¡C Ð +70 ¡C



Technology Free@Home
Inputs 4
IP rating IP20
Mounting Width 4MW

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