Smoke Alarm Device Dual Q
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GIRA 234602

Smoke Alarm Device Dual Q

Product code: 2346 02
Dual technology, Battery Smoke Alarm.
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Increased quality criteria and technical advancements in smoke alarm devices are indicated on the market with the new Q test mark. The new Q-Label is an autonomous, manufacturer-independent quality mark for high-quality smoke alarm devices which undergo special testing for long-term use. The latest generation of Gira smoke alarm devices fulfil the criteria of the new Q-Label quality mark. 


  • Use in private residential units or similarly inhabited areas only in accordance with DIN 14676.
  • Battery-operated combined smoke alarm device and heat detector.

  • Tested durability and reduction of false alarms.
  • Fire and heat alarms alerted differently.
  • Increased stability, e.g. against external factors.
  • Heat detection via maximum and differential function.
  • Permanently installed battery with a service life of at least 10 years.
  • Muffled alarm signal (approx. 75 dB (A)) during function test.
  • KRIWAN approval.
  • Integrated function button for alarm acknowledgement, function test and muting, for example.
  • VdS approval pending.
  • Smoke detection can be switched off.
  • Automatic smoke evaluation self-test with tracking of soiling.
  • Soiling or fault indication.
  • Signalling of technical faults can be delayed up to 12 h in darkness.
  • "Weak battery" indication.
  • Up to 40 smoke alarm devices can be networked on each wire.
  • One module interface for three optional modules (KNX module, radio module, relay module) with simultaneous use of the networking terminal.

Technical Details


Technical data:

  • Power supply:Via smoke alarm device battery
  • Battery life:at least 10 years
  • Acoustic signal:Alarm: at least 85 dB (A)
  • Visual signal:Ring indicator (red LED)
  • Ambient temperature:-5 °C to +55 °C
  • Installation height:max. 4.50 m
  • Protection type:IP 42
  • Area of application:DIN 14676
  • Standards:DIN 14604



Technology Standard Electrics
Finish Pure White Glossy
Mounting Surface

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