21st September 2021 - COVID Update - the Auckland region will move to alert level 3 from 11.59 pm tonight, and the rest of NZ is at alert level 2.

Under alert level 3, we are able to provide contactless delivery, using courier services, for all clients and projects in New Zealand.  

To place orders, you can visit our online store or call our team on 0800 333 553 if you have any questions.

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Support Article

Can I Have More Than 64 Devices on a KNX Line?

The number of devices in each line segment has historically been limited to 64 to ensure KNX telegrams are not affected by signal degradation.Hoewever with newer KNX devices it is possible to have 256 devices per line. 

Either way the power limitation need to be considered which is based on the size of the KNX power supply on the line and the total current of devices. 

To expand the system beyond 256 devices, you will need to use a line coupler to create an area.

For more information on this, check out this essential guide