COVID Update - the Auckland region is at alert level 3, and the rest of NZ is at alert level 2.

Under alert level 3, we are able to provide contactless delivery using courier services for all clients and projects in New Zealand.  

Our courier cut-off time is 1pm daily. To place orders, you can visit our online store or call our team on 0800 333 553.

Click here for more information about business operations at NZ COVID Alert Level 3

Support Article

How do I enable KNX online catalogue in ETS

  1. Go to
  2. Login to your account and purchase the license as if it was a product. You will not be charged for this. 
  3. The licence will then be added to your account under My Account -> Products
  4. In ETS, Attach your dongle and copy the ID by clicking on the license in the bottom right hand corner 
  5. Go back to the online catalog license on and paste the Dongle ID into the product license field then select Add Key.
  6. The product license field will change to a License File which needs to be downloaded by clicking on it
  7. Go back to ETS, click on the licence in the bottom right corner then click + to add a license
  8. Navigate to the downloaded Licence File then open
  9. Online Catalog will now be enabled whenever the dongle is attached to the computer  
  10. Finally, from the home page in ETS, go to Settings then Online Catalog to change the language and select the Manufacturers you regularly us

Please note not some legacy products and some manufacturers don't upload to the the online catalogue so you might still need to download files. In the Catalog view Online Catlog product files will have a cloud symbol.