22nd September 2021 - COVID Update - the Auckland region is now at alert level 3, and the rest of NZ is at alert level 2.

Under alert level 3, we are able to provide contactless delivery using courier services for all clients and projects in New Zealand.  

To place orders, you can visit our online store or call our team on 0800 333 553 if you have any questions.

Click here for more information about business operations at NZ COVID Alert Level 3

Support Article

What is the difference between a KNX IP Interface and a KNX IP Router?

A KNX IP Interface allow you to program and connect to the KNX bus over IP. It supports direct tunnelling connections and most IP Interfaces support multiple simultaneous connections.

A KNX IP Router also allows you to program and connect to the bus but can be used to connect different parts of a KNX system together over IP. It does this using an additional multicast connection and manages the KNX traffic using a filter table in the same way a line coupler does. The Multicast connection can also be used as a bus interface for programming and external devices.

Third party systems will connect to KNX with either a tunnelling or a Multicast connection. Because of this we generally recommend a KNX IP Router as it has both options, ensuring compatibility.