Course details KNX Basic Refresher Course - Online

Quick facts

Cost $495.00 ex. tax
Length 8 hours
  • KNX Association Basic certification
  • KNX Partner status
  • Must have completed the KNX Association Web Based Training:

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Please call 0800 333553 for information on attending this course

The KNX Refresher course targets KNX partners who have completed the Basic course in the past. This course helps a KNX Partner refresh and further develop their KNX skills by receiving the latest information on the KNX system and the new programming tool ETS 6.  There is no exam required for this course - completion is based on attendance only.

The course is suitable for KNX partners who:

  • took their basic certification course more than 3 years ago; or
  • would like to learn about the features and benefits of the new ETS 6 software; and
  • would like to upgrade to ETS 6 Professional with a great discount.


  • Topology updates (1 hour)
  • Developments in KNX RF (1 hour)


  • ETS 6 Professional (6 hours)

Following the attendance of this course, you will: 

  • receive a 40% discount voucher which can be used against the cost of upgrading your ETS licence to ETS 6 Professional;
  • .
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