Course details KNX HVAC Specialist Certification Course

Quick facts

Cost $1,900.00 ex. tax
Length 4 days
  • KNX Association Basic certification
  • KNX Partner status
  • Must have completed the KNX Association Web Based Training:

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Please call 0800 333553 for information on attending this course

This course is designed with the objective of giving integrators a better understanding of how to use KNX to control heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. Building on the foundation of the KNX Basic Course (which is a prerequisite), the HVAC Specialist course will provide the knowledge of what is being controlled so that the integrator will be able to adapt to different heating/cooling situations found in the real world.

Subjects covered include:

  • Basic HVAC know-how
  • Heat distribution systems
  • Heat generators
  • Steering and adjustment
  • Heating control
  • Air conditioning control
  • Ventilation control
  • Energy efficiency with KNX

In addition to covering the standard KNX Association KNX HVAC Specialist Certification Course content, we also look at the common scenarios we encounter in New Zealand, with practical sessions on choosing the right control strategies, design, product choice and commissioning for these scenarios.

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