Course details KNX Basic Certification Course

Quick facts

Cost $1,900.00 ex. tax
Length 4 Days
  • Must have completed the KNX Association Web Based Training:

Next presentations

  • 08 Aug 2022 – 11 Aug 2022
    Auckland, New Zealand

Attending this course with Ivory Egg will give you the best start possible with KNX. With over 200 successful students since 2014, a 98% pass rate, and more than 98% of attendees rating the course as good or very good, there simply is no better way to learn and qualify.

The KNX Basic Certification course covers how to design the KNX topology, how to use ETS to program KNX using lighting and shading examples and how to run diagnostics with ETS. 

The course includes an exam which will test the following subjects:


  • Arguments for the KNX system
  • System Overview
  • Topology
  • Installation
  • Bus Devices
  • KNX RF


  • ETS Project Design
  • ETS Commissioning
  • ETS Diagnostics and Troubleshooting

Included in the course:

  • €200 ETS Lite USB dongle and license 
  • €140 voucher to be used against an additional ETS Lite dongle 
  • Tea, coffee, and lunches each day
  • Example project documentation and programming templates
  • Ivory Egg hand-over pack

On successful completion of both examinations, you will: 

  • receive a €200 voucher which can be used against the cost of upgrading your ETS Lite licence to ETS Professional.
  • qualify as a KNX Partner and be eligible to have your name and contact details on the KNX international website should you wish.

Comments from previous attendees

When independently and anonymously surveyed, 94% of all attendees said they'd recommend this course to others.

"Fully enjoyed the course. had a great time and learnt a lot! Would definitely recommend to others!"

"The course was well run and I feel totally prepared to scope and install my first projects now - especially with the support of Ivory Egg."

"Great information, run by a great company and instructor."

"I think Stephen and Romesh made the learning environment very enjoyable indeed and were always available to answer on the spot questions."

"The course and the tutor gave me a lot of knowledge and the confidence to do projects and charge full price for my time."

Contact us if you would like to learn more or have any questions.

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