Beautiful music. 

Uncompromised aesthetics.

Cerasonar invisible loudspeakers deliver a superior listening experience without interrupting your interior design. Cerasonar loudspeakers are fully built into the walls or ceilings of a room and are ideal for any intelligent home project where the client wants to hide the technology as much as possible.

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Invisible speaker technology has been in development for many years; many have tried and most have been unable to deliver the sound quality expected. Cerasonar has, however, developed a remarkable speaker range that is able to produce amazing sound from behind the plaster.

The Flattest Speaker in the World

Cerasonar have the flattest invisible loudspeaker in the world at only 30mm. 

Why is this important?

Around 50% of the construction work carried out annually today is on the renovation of old buildings. However, old walls often offer little space for invisible loudspeakers. This challenge spurred Cerasonar to develop an unprecedented loudspeaker that can be used where every millimeter counts. These speakers are available through Ivory Egg New Zealand and online here.

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About Cerasonar 

The pursuit of real sound and the desire for perfection drives Cerasonar.

More than 40 years ago, Ulrich Ranke began to develop special loudspeakers that enabled pure listening pleasure in technically and acoustically demanding situations. Today, together with his sons, he runs Cerasonar, a company that is active all over the world. They believe in "Made in Germany“ and trusting relationships with their customers.

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