Gateway Solutions for Home and Building Automation

Intesis offer a wide range of communication Gateway Solutions and Interfaces for KNX, BACNet, Modbus and other technologies. Their solutions work as protocol translators or provide specific AC control either with IR or direct connections.

  • Protocol Translators - control and monitor all parameters between building automation protocols. They use a wide range of protocols from KNX to BACNet to Modbus with varying size options from a single instance to site-wide control.
  • AC Interfaces - Intesis provide the world's most comprehensive portfolio of AC Interfaces for integration. Directly connected to the indoor unit of an AC installation, Intesis products are available for single split AC units to VRF/VRV multi-head installations.  The Wifi versions easily interface with common building control systems such as Control4, Crestron, Elan, Savant.  
  • Cloud Solutions - Intesis bring all your home and building devices to the cloud allowing control from anywhere. They provide cloud solutions for all scenarios, from individual domestic applications to complex tenanted buildings.


In 2016, Intesis was acquired by HMS Networks the market leader in solutions for industrial communication, and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). The Intesis brand is HMS's central brand for building automation products and solutions. The other main markets for HMS are Manufacturing, Power, Energy, Transportation, Infrastructure, and Logistics.

Intesis was founded in 2000, and today is a leader in the design, manufacturing, and commercialisation of innovative solutions for building automation. Initially with hardware protocol converters, then AC control, then a unified configuration application (MAPS), and more recently cloud-based solutions.

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For many years Intesis products have been reliable and well supported.  Their continued commitment to supporting new AC models and brands has made them the go-to product range across all-controlling protocols from KNX to BACnet, Modbus, and WiFi.

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Shop for Intesis WiFi AC interfaces for Control4, CrestronElan,  RTI

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Integration solutions for integrators

Intesis provide robust, reliable, and easy to set up solutions for different system integrations. The Intesis gateway portfolio includes a huge array of solutions for both open standard and proprietary protocols such as BACNet, LON, ASCII, KNX, and Modbus. 

BMS vendors, HVAC manufacturers, system integrators, and professionals in the automation market choose Intesis Protocol Translators and AC interfaces because they are robust, easy-to-use solutions that reduce commissioning time and work reliably in the field for many years after the installation.

Intesis products are tested and certified to the highest quality standards, including additional tests when specific markets require them.

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