Product Guide

An integrators guide to the Gira X1 Visualisation and Logic server

The Gira X1 offers a simple and easy to navigate interface to a KNX installation along with logic, scene and timer functions.

The configuration and device management is done via the Gira Project Assistant (GPA). A KNX project can be imported making group address available for use during programming- up to 1000 can be assigned per project. There are also 450 internal group address which can be used for logic functions or grouping visualisation functions.

All graphics, logic, timers and scenes are stored on the 2MW DIN Rail device ensuring speed, reliability and security.

The Gira X1 can also be used as KNX interface as it supports both tunnelling and multicast connection to the KNX bus.


The user interface is a fixed design in a similar style to the Gira G1. It can be navigated by building structure or by "Trades" which groups similar functions together. The user can save regularly used functions to a favourites page and add them to the start page.

The device supports 10 simultaneous connections and each user can be assigned their own access details.

Along with standard function blocks there are value transmitters for controlling generic KNX devices.

Standard Functions

  • Dimmer & Dimmer (increment)
  • Switch
  • Button (on/off)
  • Blind with positioning
  • Shutter with positioning
  • Shutter / position
  • Heating
  • Scene KNX and Scene X1
  • IP camera
  • Status display - Various formats

Value Transmitters

  • 8-bit value transmitter 0...255
  • 8-bit value transmitter -128...127
  • Percentage value transmitter
  • Temperature value transmitter


Integrated in the device is a logic engine which has 36 preconfigured logic nodes including -

  • OR, NOR, AND Gates
  • Edge Detection, Oscillators, Value generation
  • PI Controller, PID Controller, Heat/Cool Controllers
  • Counters, Thresholds, Random Generators
  • Solar Altitude

The logic can be tested using a simulation function saving programming time.


Individual functions on the visualisation have timers making the set up of automatic heating, lighting and blinds simple for the user. There are also 50 programming timers which can't be accessed by the user for automating system functions. Each programming timer can have 10 switching times and sunset/sunrise timers are available.


It is possible to execute and save scenes stored on KNX devices or alternatively scenes can be stored on the X1. There are 50 scene groups each able to have 64 scenes and the lighting levels for each scene can be preset.

Remote Access

The Gira X1 supports OpenVPN making configuration of remote access extremely simple. A configuration file is exported from the X1 device webpage then loaded directly into the OpenVPN app. Once the username and password have been updated in the Gira X1 app remote access will be enabled.

The openVPN connection can also be used for managing the device remotely.

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