Product Guide

Back Boxes for KNX Keypads

Most KNX keypads are designed to be mounted on the standard European backbox such as those from Kaiser. Although fundamentally different to the square UK box there are benefits to using them:

  • Much quicker to install as a holesaw can be used
  • Easier to level as the box can be rotated to line up the screws
  • No sharp edges to damage cables as they are made from plastic
  • Airtight, fireproof and soundproof options available
  • Similar cost to metal boxes

There are a few KNX keypads that don't use this type of box:

  • ABB Millennium: designed for UK Boxes
  • Gira E22 Flat: designed for its own proprietary back box
  • Gira KNX keypads using Esprit, Event, ClassicX or E22 Frames: Can be used with UK boxes if an adaptor is used

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