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Product Guide

Connecting Valves to a Manifold Controller

When working on a project with underfloor heating, care is needed when specifying or ordering the valve heads. Below are some common manifold controllers and the required valve type. Also listed is the recommended number of valves or current rating of each output.

Make and ModelValve VoltageMax Current per Channel/Max Actuators
ABB VAA/S x.230.2.124V - 230VAC160mA Resistive Load
GIRA 21580024V - 230VAC160mA Resistive Load
Theben HMT6 or 1224VAC only (24VAC generated internally)13 Valves on the device
Theben HMG6T or HME6T24V - 230VAC450mA across 3 channels
ZENNIO HeatingBOX: 230VAC230VAC200mA

If you are supplying the valves you will probably need a valve adaptor to ensure a snug fit - all KNX manufacturers have valve adaptors as accessories.

The other approach is to request the supplier of the manifold to also supply the valves. This removes any question over compatibility, but make sure you define the voltage as per the above.