Product Guide

DALI gateway setup for emergency test with ABB DG/Sx.64.1.1

If you are going to use the DG/S X.64.1.1, from ABB please choose in the settings the old mode like you had in the DGN/S. Reason for this is, you need to handle less group addresses and the result 4 byte gives you much more information than the new 6 byte value (give you only failed or passed, not the actual error)

In this case you only need 3 Group addresses per gateway. The same is in EisBaer if you set it to DGN/S it will only ask you for 3 GA

Make sure that, if there are IP coupler / Line Coupler in the topology make that the Emergency group addresses are in the filter table.

If you do a right click on the line coupler you can choose preview filter table.

And then you can see what GA are routed or blocked.


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