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Product Guide

How Ivory Egg Enclosures are Compliant with Amendment 3 Regulations

Amendment Number 3 to BS7671:2008 

At the start of 2016 Amendment Number 3 to BS7671:2008 came into force and this had an effect on multi-row distribution boards which fall under "similar switchgear assemblies". The parts of the amendment that are relevant to our enclosures are detailed below, along with how our products have been updated to exceed these standards.

Non-Combustible Material 

All cabinets must be manufactured from a non-combustible material, such as ferrous metal i.e. steel. 

Our cabinets are made from Zintec - which is electro zinc coated steel, with the lids being steel and the doors are made from aluminium - therefore using the recommended material and meeting the standard. 

Ingress Protection 

The top elevation of a cabinet must meet IP4X standard:

  • Protect against ingress of solid foreign objects >= 1mm diameter 
  • Protecting against access to hazardous parts with wire 

The top elevation of our panels have no entry points as standard, meeting the requirements above. There are removable cable entry holes which should be filled with appropriate trunking / conduit / ducting etc by the installer to meet the standards if in use. 

All other elevations must meet IP2XC standards: 

  • Protect against ingress of solid foreign objects > 12.5mm diameter 
  • Protecting against access to hazardous parts with a finger 
  • Protecting against access to hazardous parts with a tool 

The front elevation of our panels consists of a hinging door which has ventilated holes that are 6mm square, as well as a latch. This enabled our DIN rail enclosures to exceed the standards required. The door can be hinged on either side to suit any installation situation, and they are also simple to re-hand on site if necessary.