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Product Guide

How to Create a Drop Down List on the GIRA Quadclient

Quadclient drop down menu

Quadclient drop down menu

To enable a drop down set of functions within Quadclient (QC) the Visibility in Room function is used. This uses a group address (GA) to show or hide the function(s). In this example we will hide the individual light circuits under a show and hide button:

1.  Create an internal GA in Expert called Show/Hide Function. You will need a GA address with a discrete name for each drop down list you wish to create.

2.  In QC Config, add the function Switching Plus and change the parameters to “One button Toggle” and un-tick “Status Display”. Change the text to Hide and Show for 1 & 0 respectively.

3.  Assign the internal address Show/Hide Function to the switching object.

4.  Move the functions that you want to be in the drop down list underneath the new Switching Plus function.

5.  Assign the same internal GA to the visibility in room/function field on each of the function that are to be included in the drop down list.

6.  Download and test.

This is a really nice way of tidying up the menu structure by hiding the functions that are rarely used.