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Intesis WiFi interfaces for Air Conditioning and Heat pumps

Intesis WMP HVAC gateway

The Intesis range of wifi gateways to air conditioning units of manufacturers is unparalleled.  Intesis are the undisputed masters of protocol conversion and HVAC interfacing, from wifi to BACNet to Modbus to KNX.

For integration of air conditioning systems and IP based control systems (such as Control4, RTI, Elan, Savant) the IntesisBox WMP series of gateways allows a complete bi-directional integration. Compatible with almost all AC units with either an IR remote controller receiver or a hardwired wall controller.

1. The universal gateway communicates with air handlers (high wall units) using standard IR codes.  

Universal WMP Intesisbox

2. AC manufacturer specific gateways are available that connect directly onto the PCB board in the HVAC units, where the normal wired wall controller would connect.

Daikin IntesisBox WMP

What HVAC systems can IntesisBox be used with?

IntesisBox is compatible with many HVAC systems.  Please see the Intesis website to check if the HVAC system you want to integrate has a specific IntesisBox or is compatible with the universal IntesisBox, there are compatibility sheets that are continually being added to as new models of AC units are introduced.  The Intesis website will have the most up to date information about supported models. If you are unsure if your HVAC system is supported please contact us and we will help you to determine compatibility.
Intesis have specific bus based IntesisBox make/models for:

  • Daikin Domestic line
  • Daikin Sky and VRV lines
  • Fuji Electric Domestic Lines
  • Fujitsu Domestic and VRF lines
  • General Domestic and VRF lines
  • LG Domestic
  • LG VRF Lines
  • Mitsubishi Electric Domestic, MR Slim and City lines
  • Mitsubishi Heavy Industries FD and Hypermulti lines
  • Panasonic ecoi and paci lines
  • Panasonic etherea domestic lines
  • Samsung NASA and non-NASA lines
  • Sanyo ecoi and paci lines
  • Toshiba Commercial and VRF Lines
  • and more

To make the integration with IP based control systems such as Control 4 and Elan simple Chowmain software have developed a range of drivers.

Chowmain Software

Intesis manufacturer resource can be found <here>

All the gateways area available in three 'flavours':

  • KNX for wired connection to KNX TP networks  eg. DK-RC-KNX-1
  • WMP for integration with IP based control systems such as Elan, Control4, Crestron, RTI   eg. DK-RC-WMP-1 
  • Wifi as stand alone devices that are controlled via the IntesisHome app   eg. IS-IR-WIFI-1

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