Product Guide

Relative Dimming with Zennio Touch Panels and Touch Switches

When KNX pushbuttons and touch screens are used for Relative Dimming there will be two operations per button - a short press and a long press.  The short press will be used to switch ON or OFF and the long press used to dim UP or DOWN.  Most KNX switches are configured so that a long press can dim all the way up or down through the entire dimming range, and will stop dimming when the button is released.

Zennio's touch panels and capacitive touch switches have an an option to adjust the dimming step in ETS to “100%”, “50%”, “25%”, “12.5%”, “6.25%”, “3.1%” or “1.5%”.  If you parameterise one of the values to be less than 100% then with a single long press the dimming range will be restricted to the step value selected.  In most instances it is best to leave this at 100% so that the whole dimming range can be realised with a single button press.

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