Product Guide

The Extra Features of the Basalte Auro Motion Sensor

The Basalte Auro PIR has some unique features making it much more powerful than your average motion detector.

Switching, Dimming or Scenes

The motion detector can switch a lighting fixture on or off, dim the lights, or control scenes. 

Day/Night Function

An object is avalible to change the behaviour of the PIR depending on the time of day. This is particularly useful for hallways and bathrooms to provide a low level illumination overnight and a standard level during the day and evening. An external timer or controller is required to trigger this.

Status LED

A blue LED in the PIR can be used to provide confirmation of detection or be configured as a night light triggered by an external object.

Heat Detector

Integrated in the unit is a temperature sensor which can be used to provide the room temperature to the bus or to warn when the room temperature goes over a set threshold. This could be used to ensure a nursery doesn't overheat or as a precursor to a fire alarm.

Ventilation Object

Independent from light levels and the blocking object, this can be used to control ventilation with an independent time out.

Motion Object

Triggers whenever motion is detected regardless of light levels, re-trigger times, timeouts or blocking objects. It could be used for visualisation or security applications.

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