Product Guide

The Gira E22 Flat White Trick

A number of times we have had customers who ordered a standard mount frame but required the flat mount version instead. If this happens to you, there is a simple solution. Both the E22 white standard mount frames (for round European boxes and square British Standard boxes) can be easily modified to the E22 flat frame version.  In fact, both versions are assembled from the E22 flat version with an additional clip on backing, so it's very easy to pull them apart and revert to the flat version. 

So to be clear, the follow frames came be converted as follows:

  • 0211201 or 0211207 > 0211204 (1 gang)
  • 0212201 or 0212207 > 0212204 (2 gang)
  • 1002201 or 1002207 > 1002204 (2 gang without crossbar)
  • 0213201 or 0213207 > 0213204 (3 gang)
  • 0214201 or 0214207 > 0214204 (4 gang)

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