Product Guide

The new Kaiser O-range. What's the difference?

Can you see the difference? The new O-range backbox is the one on the right.

Have you heard about the new O-range backboxes from Kaiser? They look significantly like the old ones don't they?

Well the purpose is exactly the same, and if you ordered the old backboxes for a job but received the new ones it wouldn't be a problem. But there are some subtle differences - blink and you'll miss them!

Firstly, the colour. The paler shade of orange has been replaced with a brighter 'O-range'. Not something that will affect you in any way, but makes them stand out a bit more.

Secondly, the depth. The new O-range backboxes are a couple of millimetres deeper. The standard 47mm backboxes are now 49mm. This gives a little more space for deeper inserts and wiring.

Thirdly, the knockouts. The newer range has larger conduit knockouts, and also more versatility for different sizes.

Lastly, the connectors. The older ones are rectangular as you can see in the image above, whereas the new ones are round.

And that's it! If you've already received the new backboxes you may not even have realised..

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