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Product Guide

Theben MIX Series

The Mix series from Theben allows products with different functionalities to be linked together allowing you to create actuator units that perfectly match the project requirements. Actuators are available in base and extensions modules with the following functions.

FunctionDetailsBase ModelExtension Model
Dimming2 Channel 400wDMG 2 T (4930270)    DME 2 T (4930275)    
Dimming 1-10V2 Channel with integrated relaySMG 2 (4910273)SME 2 (4910274)
Switching8 Channel 16A/3ARMG 8 S (4930220)RME 8 S (4930225)
Switching/Blinds     8 Channel Relay / 4 Channel Blinds 16A/3A    RMG 8 T (4930200)RME 8 T (4930205)
Switching4 Channel 16A/3ARMG 4 U (4930223)RME 4 U (4930228)
Switching4 Channel 16A/10A with Current DetectionRMG 4 I (4930210)RME 4 I (4930215)
Blinds4 Channel 230VACJMG 4 T (4930250)JME 4 T (4930255)
Blinds4 Channel 24VDCJMG 4 T 24V (4930260)    JME 4 T 24V (4930265)    
Heating6 Channel 24-230vAC Valve controller    HMG 4 T (4930240)HME 4 T (4930245)
Binary Input6 Channel 12-230V AC/DCBMG 4 T (4930230)BME 4 T (49302350

Any base module can support 2 extension modules. For example, a DMG2T base could have a HME 6 T and JME 6 T extensions attached. This can decrease the product cost dramatically as only one KNX interface is used.

In addition, the base modules have a removable bus coupler allowing programming to be completed off site while the product is installed in the panel or, for very quick product replacement if there ever was a fault with the device.

The only exception is the 1-10v dimming module which can only have 1-10v dimming extensions, however, it can be used as an extension module with any other device. This is also true for any MIX 1 devices that are installed - they can be identified by black buttons on the front of the unit.

Theben also have a FIX series but these are standalone and cannot be connected with the MIX series.