Voxior 2 Year Licence
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Voxior 2 Year Licence

Product code: VOX2YEAR
Add voice control to your projects using the Voxior voice interface. Using a Gira Homeserver or X1 as the connection to the bus, Voxior allows you to use Amazon Alexa to control the blinds, heating, lighting and scenes in a KNX smart home. This 1 Year license fully enables the Voxior service and gives access to an integrator dashboard for managing your customers projects.
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Voice control is an exciting development in user control as it is a completely native human interface.

Some examples of how this can make a home easier to use are:

  • Turning on the main lights when you enter a room
  • Shutting down the house as you leave
  • Calling a Lighting scene from the couch without getting a phone out 
  • Adjusting the heating whilst lying in bed

Voxior works by connecting the a Gira homer server or X1 using the user access details. Voice commands can then be used to trigger the functions that are already configured on the user app.

Some functions like status display or set value functions do not make sense for a voice interface and therefore are not available in the Voxior interface.

The setup is  via the Voxior website where you will can enter the access details of the Homeserver or X1. Once the connection is made you can rename the found functions to ensure they are simple to say and remember. You can also print out a list of all the configured voice commands to hand to remind the end user.

Once the setup is completed on the Voxior site the Voxior skill needs to be added to the Alexa account and told to scan for device. It will find all enabled functions and then all you need to do is ask Alexa.
A management login is available for intetgrators so you can support multiple installations and make changes to the configuration remotely.
All that is needed to create an account is the customers amazon email that is associated to Alexa. The customer does not need to provide there Amazon password.

Technical Details


License Type: 2 Year
Required Products: Gira Homeserver or Gira X1
Renewal license to be purchased separately and is at a reduced rate



Technology KNX

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