Product Guide

Configuring the GIRA Smoke Detectors with an Additional Relay or KNX Module

As a standalone device the GIRA smoke alarm Dual Q has a lot of features but it can also be connected to external systems using either a relay module or a KNX module. Both discreetly slot into the base of the device and provide additional connections.

Relay Module

This provides an output for alarm and an output for fault. Both are rated at 30V/1A and have both normally open and normally closed connections. If multiple smoke detectors are wired together the alarm output will be triggered when any detector is activated. However, the fault output is only triggered by the local detector. If the fault status of each individual detector is required then every detector will need a relay module.

KNX Module

The ability to link the smoke detector to the KNX bus is one of the unique benefits of the GIRA smoke detector. The following information is made available on the bus:

  • Indication of a local alarm
  • Indication of alarm received from other detectors
  • Start the functional test and status update once complete
  • Start the alarm meaning the KNX bus can be used to interconnect detectors
  • Current temperature at the device
  • Status of faults with the battery, 230v connection, smoke chamber, temperature sensors or communication module 

As with the relay module faults are only related to the local device so a KNX module will be needed for each smoke detector if individual information is required.

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