The demand for comfort and versatility in the management of heating, lighting and access control systems for a family home as well as an office complex is growing. At the same time, the efficient use of energy is becoming increasingly important. People want a comfortable, sustainable and safe place to live and work and that's where automation jumps in.

However, more convenience and safety together with lower energy consumption can only be achieved by intelligent control and monitoring of all products in the building. This is a true challenge as it implies more wiring, running from the sensors and actuators to the control and monitoring centres. For professionals, such a mass of wiring also means more design and installation time, increased fire risk and soaring costs. That's where KNX beats all the rest!

KNX is the worlds only open standard home and building control. Products from over 500 manufacturers work together in buildings both residential and commercial to smoothly control all aspects of the building from lighting, to shading, to HVAC, to a quality and everything else besides.

For many many reasons, both technical and aesthetic KNX is the standout choice to make buildings better for the future and more intelligent for the present.  Many of the worlds most prestigious switch manufacturers make beautiful KNX switches to control homes and buildings, so interior designers and architects are excited to get involved.

The simple expandable technology behind KNX is based on a distributed method that means reliability is built in, and the futureproof nature of a standard means that the installation will be good for the lifetime of the building. There is no compromise. 

Reasons to use KNX

  1. International standard - good for the future since 1990. Huge track record.
  2. Flexibility and personalisation - options for all buildings and people
  3. Secure and reliable - modern security built in against attack
  4. Timesaving and easy installation - Single programming tool ETS for professionals
  5. Worldwide community - a vast number of accredited installers all over the world
  6. Integrated solution - products from different manufacturers work together
  7. Modern - the latest functions including voice control

Ivory Egg support KNX professional installers from initial training, to seamless product supply of the world's best products, to supporting great installations. 

Why choose to use KNX in a home?

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