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ABB Product announcements from L+B 2018

ABB always impress at Light + Building and 2018 was no different. 

New KNX LED Dimmers

The range of KNX dimmers have been upgraded to further improve their support for LEDs. Two new models will be available in July, a 4 channel and a 6 channel version which both support a load of 210w when dimming trailing edge LEDs.  The dimmers are natively configured in ETS which is a marked change from the previous models.

LED Dimmers for KNX
LED Dimmers for KNX

KNX Voice Integration

Via a new standalone voice integration device, it will be possible to control a KNX installation with Amazon Alexa, Google Home or Apple HomeKit. By having the voice integration stand alone you can offer simple voice integration or add it to a project with an existing visualisation solution. The Gateway can also be used in combination with the ABB Control Touch and as they are configured in a similar way, the project file can be shared between them reducing the commissioning time. 

Voice Controller for KNX
Voice Controller for KNX


Committed to continuous innovation in the smarter building sector, ABB has launched the new ClimaECO range which offers a holistic solution for HVAC applications in modern buildings, from central HVAC down to individual room temperature control.

The user side of ClimaECO is based around new keypads and thermostats. These simple interfaces provide modern control functions in a design suitable for commercial applications. 

A full range of fan coil actuators, valve and heating circuit controllers, along with boiler/chiller interfaces have been released covering all imaginable control scenarios at a device level. Drawing on their experience with industrial automation, ABB have also released a new central controller for managing and controlling even the most complicated HVAC systems and plant rooms. Based on the proven CODESYS platform, the new central controller brings a high level of intelligence to the system, yet is still easy to configure.

As all devices are built on KNX they can be used as standalone products, however the real benefits will be seen when the system is treated as a whole. The ClimaECO range will be released in stages from July. 

ClimaEco Central Controller and Sentio Keypads
ClimaEco Central Controller and Sentio Keypads

Free @ Home

The Free@Home solution has been improved with some interesting new features:

Amazon Alexa -  Users can control the lighting, heating, blinds and scenes, and because the integration relies on the functions created as part of the app it is very simple to set up. 

Sonos Integration -  Use in-wall sensors and panels to play/pause the music, skip through Sonos favourites or to set the volume. Sonos functions can also be integrated into scenes to allow you or the end user to create a truly ambient environment at the push of a button.  

Geofencing - By defining an imaginary fence around the home and other locations, predefined actions can be activated when the users phone GPS signal crosses the fence, e.g. turning off all the lights at home when everybody has left, or turning on the heating as soon as you leave work so that your home is warm and cozy when you arrive.

React 2 - The Wall mounted battery system has been updated with twice the capacity of the previous system. When paired with renewable energy the battery acts as a buffer so energy is saved for when the Grid cost is highest. With the new Free@Home integration you can further optimise when and where the energy should be used. 

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