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Gira March 2020 Product Release News

Gira have announced a range exciting new product releases as well as updates to already popular product lines. These product developments will offer greater convenience and comfort for your customers and introduce new standards for the aesthetics of control.

Gira Homeserver Update

Using KNX technology in conjunction with the Gira HomeServer, you can intelligently and efficiently connect a vast range of technologies and functions – from lighting, blinds, heating and climate technology to ventilation, security and entertainment systems.

Gira are releasing several updates to bring the Homeserver up to date, with the biggest one being the inclusion of a selectable white interface and a new floorplan display and control function.

Other updates include:

  • IFTTT integration live
  • Live Logic
  • HomeServer Virtual
  • Virtual installation of HomeServer on VMware or Virtual box. To allow for testing and customer demonstrations (no KNX connection)
  • ONVIF Video protocol support for compatible IP Cameras. Supports PTZ controls as well as calling up positions via scene command
  • Phased roll out of updates from March 2020

Pushbutton Sensor 4

The new smart light switch from Gira, the Pushbutton Sensor 4, is designed to complement the existing Pushbutton Sensor 3. Not only pleasing to the eye, it's also sleek to the touch and pleasant to control.

Clear and simple functionality with large text fields and available in white glass, black glass, stainless steel, aluminium and aluminium black - it fits in seamlessly with a wide range of interior styles.

It also has an integrated temperature and humidity sensor as well as an additional connection for an external sensor.

Features of the Pushbutton Sensor 4 include:

  • Available in 2, 4 and 8 button configurations
  • Tactile feedback and 8 colour setting LEDs
  • Integrated temperature and humidity sensors
  • Inscribed rockers available through
  • Integrated bus coupler unit
  • Connection for remote sensor (eg. underfloor probe)
  • KNX data secure
  • Delivery is available immediately in a limited range of colours (white glass, black glass, black aluminium)
  • More colours will be available from October

KNX Button

The new KNX button is a simple operating element that fits in all current Gira frames. It is particularly suitable for all projects where a KNX system is to be installed and traditional control elements used.

The design features rocker style pushbuttons with LED feedback.  As well as having an integrated temperature sensor, the KNX Button comes with an integrated LED, making it usable as a night light.

Features of the KNX button include:

  • Integrated KNX Bus coupler
  • LED with 3 colour settings
  • Integrated temp sensor
  • KNX data secure
  • Affordable entry level product for residential settings
  • Good for public buildings due to traditional operation and robust material
  • Available from October 2020

Mini Comfort - KNX Presence Detector

The Gira KNX Mini Comfort presence detector has been extended to include an integrated temperature sensor. This means that it can not only regulate the light depending on the persons present in the room, but can also measure the current room temperature itself and activate switching commands. This means less energy wasted.

With a subtle design, it is unobtrusive. Available in flush-mounted and surface-mounted installations, it can be retrofitted anywhere.

Features of the Mini Comfort Presence Detector include:

  • Integrated temperature sensor
  • Intelligent assembly concept for installation, flush-mounted boxes and surface-mounted boxes
  • Maximum detection quality, even with the smallest movement
  • Large detection range (diameter approx. 12 m with 3 m installation height
  • Low installation height (1.25 mm to the ceiling on the design ring)
  • Also suitable for outdoor use via IP44
  • Available from May 2020

Gira Cube Motion Sensor

The modern design of the new Gira Cube Motion Sensor means it will work with both new and old architectural designs. It is suitable to be used inside or outside making it a versatile and visually striking option for motion sensing. 

The sensor monitors your property and automatically switches on the light depending on thermal motion and ambient brightness, not just on movement. A gust of wind won’t switch it on, providing energy saving benefits. 

Features include:

  • Automatically switches lighting on/off, depending on thermal motion and ambient brightness
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor ceiling mounting and wall installation
  • Available as a KNX version
  • Easy assembly steps with flexible connection and assembly without tools
  • Detection ranges selectable up to 120 or 240 degrees
  • Maximum range 16 m. Non-visible covering panel for limiting the detection range.
  • Available now

KNX Switching and Blind Actuator

The new KNX actuators are available in a Standard and a Comfort version for the first time.

The Standard version is particularly suitable for residential buildings when used with the Gira X1, and for commercial installations that require a large number of actuators with only basic functions. The focus here is on quick start-up and an economic channel price.

The Comfort version, on the other hand, is characterised by a maximum of functionality and flexibility with a range of new logic and functions to suit even the most complicated project.

Features of the new actuators include:

  • 6, 16, 24 gang options
  • Firmware upgradable and KNX Secure
  • Configure as individual relays and pairs for blinds
  • No Labels, all markings laser inscribed.
  • Terminals top and bottom of product to reduce width
  • Available August 2020

Gira Door Station System 106

With the modular Gira Door System 106, not only can you interact with visitors before opening the door, you can impress them with a beautiful intercom system. 

The Gira System 106 door intercom systems can be individually configured, adjusted to many different outer façades, or used as a design highlight.

Available from September 2020 in two new sleek, modern colours: scratch-resistant, bronze stainless steel and matte black.

X1 Updates

Gira X1 is the KNX server for single-family houses. It is operated via smartphone, tablet, computer or the Gira G1 and a range of new updates are planned to place the end user in control of the how the interface will look. To support even larger projects its scope of functions can be extended by software packages from the Gira AppShop.

New update for X1 will bring the following:

  • KNX data secure
  • End user can change names of rooms and function, icons and reorder lists
  • Extra license packages from the Gira AppShop:
    • 125 functions (500 data points)
    • 250 Functions (1000 data points)
    • Both can be used together making the maximum 625 functions (2500 data points)
  • New datapoint types: second counter and hour counter
  • Available from June 2020

For more details on these updates contact the Ivory Egg sales team or check out this Technical Briefing.

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