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Basalte Home - a new way to control a KNX building

Basalte have long been regarded as one of the finest KNX switch manufacturers, but with the release of Basalte Home they are confidently becoming a full solutions provider.

Previewed at Light + Building 2018, Basalte Home is a brand new KNX visualisation and control solution. This beautiful user interface allows you to easily control lights, shades, scenes, music, HVAC, cameras and more at the slightest touch. 

Basalte Home  - App
Basalte Home - App

At the heart of Basalte Home is Basalte Core. This server is born from Basalte’s multi-room audio system and makes music inherent to your smart home and comfort scenes. Furthermore, Basalte Core provides the visualisation, a logical engine, custom notifications and third-party integrations with the likes of Amazon Alexa® and Philips Hue®. 

As part of the Home solution Basalte showed a new wall touch panel with a 5.5” OLED touch screen in full HD called Ellie. It’s the thinnest touch panel on the market with a thickness of less than 1 cm, and as it is designed with the same finishes as the Basalte design switches & sockets, it will blend seamlessly into any décor. 

Basalte Home - Ellie
Basalte Home - Ellie

Ellie shows the complete Basalte Home app, originating from your Basalte Core server. This way you have access to all controls in the room and even the entire house by touch, but also by voice, thanks to the integration of Amazon Alexa® voice control. You can personalise the smart home experience for each user, by adding custom restrictions for controls and functions in certain rooms. 

To make all this possible a new software has been developed called Studio. Based on the existing Asano configuration tool, Studio introduces a new workflow based configuration rarely seen in home automation platforms. With a sleek interface its possible to not only commission the music system and link existing KNX devices to the visualisation, but also introduce virtual products such as thermostats to the system. It also has an easy to use graphic logic editor plus an extremely power logic scripting toil based on LUA.

The Basalte Home solution will be available in approximately 12 months, the primary reason for showing it at L+B was to get some market feedback. So far we have only heard good comments and in our opinion it is a fantastic solution that makes controlling your KNX home simple and enjoyable, whilst also providing a high level of functionality. By combining control of music and home automation, Basalte have created a solution that not only leaves other visualisation solutions looking very dated, it also firmly establishes themselves as the go-to provided for user centric control of intelligent homes.