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Does a Collingwood constant current LED fitting work with KNX?

Constant current light fittings from Colllingwood lighting are supplied with a specific type of constant current driver that doesn’t work with a standard KNX LED driver. However, it is possible to control them by using the Collingwood 'Power Repeater' wired to the Collingwood DMX controller, and then a KNX-DMX gateway  eg.  KNX-GW-DMX-2TE

The reason that constant current light fittings from Colllingwood lighting cannot be controlled directly using Zennio Lumento C4.

This image shows the Collingwood 'Power Repeater'.  You will note that the wiring to the light fitting has a common +ve. 

The Zennio lumento (amongst others) requires each channel to have seperate +ve/-ve connections.

Wiring the Lumento according to the diagram above does not work and is not approved.

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