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What Should I Do if an Item I have Purchased Becomes Faulty?

Yes, unfortunately it can happen. Sometimes an item can become faulty after it has been installed. We can only apologise in advance and offer you the below in order to get this resolved.

Step 1. Please get in contact with us on 01243 572 700 or by emailing Let us know exactly what the problem is and how the product was installed. There is a good chance you might be able to solve the problem without having to replace the item.

Step 2. If you've contacted us and we cannot immediately resolve your issue then we may put you in touch with the manufacturer for additional support. If this is the case, we may require a reference number from them to complete the process below. 

Step 3. If it hasn't been possible to be solve the issue then you will need a replacement. In order to get this in motion, please fill out the form here and send it to Depending on the value of the item, and assuming it is under warranty, we may be to offer an advanced replacement service. We can discuss this once the above form has been completed.

Step 4. If we are able to send an advancement replacement, let us know where to send it and it will be sent out as soon as possible. If the item is not in stock then we will need to order it in. Standard lead times will apply. This item will be invoiced to you, but we will not ask for payment as the faulty one will be coming back to us.

Step 5. We then need to to arrange collection of the faulty item. Once received we will raise a credit note to directly match the invoice for the replacement, or the original order. Again we may require additional information from the manufacturer to process this, particularly on more complicated issues. 

Most of the items we sell have a 1 year warranty, but there are particular brands that offer a 2 year warranty. We can advise you of this when you contact us about any faulty items. Or alternatively see all the warranty periods here

If you believe your item is out of warranty please do still get in touch with us, there may be some way we can help.

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