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Linking EISBaer datapoints so that listening addresses are not needed

Eisbaer datapoint are not only created from the imported group addresses (GA). EisBaer is a bit smarter. The Importer looks at the physical address and the object number and takes every group address (also the listening GA) attached to this object into consideration. This has 2 main benefits.

Benefit 1:

You don’t have to link the central GA, like in your example 2/7/112, to the status input, because it is automatically linked to the switch object as well. The switch object is blue (bidirectional) will listen to the 2/7/112 and changes the status. 

Benefit 2:   

If you change group addresses in ETS you don’t have to link everything new in EisBaer, because our data point is physical address.object number. After you finished the readdressing in ets you reimport this to Eisbaer and this will keep the data points, but chances the ga in the background.  

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