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Intesis - Mitsubishi VRF gateway using KNX measured room temperature

Mitsubishi VRF won’t accept a reference temperature for regulation, provided externally from KNX.  The Mitsubishi Central controller (ie. AE200) does not accept a remote value, and will only regulate according to its internally reported value (usually from the duct return air temp) 

The Intesis gateway, if set to do this (see below),  is able to force some level of Actual Temperature regulation provided from KNX, by applying a calculation based on setpoint and sending a variable setpoint to the Mitsubishi. 

Set up as follows:

  1. Ambient room temp from KNX + required room setpoint from a KNX Room temperature controller are received by the Intesis gateway
  2. The Intesis gateway calculates the difference of these two values, and determines the demand of the user.
  3. Then at the Mitsubishi controller unit, the actual regulation temp register, which can't be written to, is read from the Mistsubishi controller by the Intesis gateway  
  4. A derived setpoint is returned to the Mitsubishi controller so that, the setpoint in the controller is the “ambient temp the AC is working with” + “offset”

With that, we get that the unit is actually working with the regulation requested by the KNX room temperature controller.

BUT, there is the important consideration to have in mind: Mitsubishi System will report (in AE200, and in local remotes if existing), a setpoint different to that from KNX.

You can enable that functionality with that setting in MAPS:

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