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Why do only some KNX IP Routers work with external systems?

Within the KNX specification there is an allowance for manufacturers to include their own data within the KNX IP telegram and if the KNX communication stack is implemented correctly there will be no communication issues. Unfortunately not all manufacturers, particularly those on the periphery of KNX, interpret this part of the telegram correctly which can cause errors such as one way communication.

Some systems such as Control 4 and RTI only recommended KNX IP Routers that don't use the additional part of the IP telegram thus avoiding errors. The Weinzierl 750 or 751 IP routers are often recommended as they only utilise the core part of the IP telegram.

The Gira IP Router (2167 00) is an example of a product that uses the the full specification however this has been changed in new devices to ensure a wider compatibility with third party systems. Older Gira IP routers can have there firmware update- click here for more information.

The Ivory Egg team can always provide guidance on the best interfaces to use so please get in touch if you are experiencing issues or planning a project.

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