Product Spotlight

Basalte Switches

Belgian manufacturers, Basalte, hand engineer beautiful technology for the modern home. Keeping things simple, intuitive and elegant in both design and functionality, Basalte have mastered the essence of home automation.


Sentido is a touch-sensitive switch that creates an innovative and unique user experience. Operated by the slightest touch, users can control lighting, shades and scenes within the room.

Available as a dual or quad keypad with an intuitive multi-touch function makes the Sentido a truly innovative device. The LED multicolour backlight provides the user with status feedback. Alternatively, the backlight can be used to elegantly illuminate the switch.

The Sentido also features an internal temperature sensor for regulation of heating and cooling, removing the need for a separate thermostat or an air conditioning controller on the wall.

Sentido is made from the high-quality materials, creating an effortlessly sleek and minimalistic design that harmonises with any architectural design.


The Deseo is a beautifully designed and innovative room controller.  The touch-sensitive surface enables users to control lights, scenes, shades, heating, air conditioning and also the multiroom audio system. It can also control other systems if they connect to KNX. 

The Deseo room controller displays the main room functions on the LCD screen with easy access to the sub menu folders containing the individual functions to control. For rooms where less functionality is required a more simplified menu structure is available. Like the Sentido, the Deseo is elegant and stylish, blending with all interiors.


Inspired by Italian design of the late 50s, the Enzo switch has both a retro and luxurious look and feel. The rounded edges are made from top quality polished aluminium. Offering all of the same innovative functionalities as the Sentido, it is a great high-end and retro alternative. 

Quality Finishes

Basalte offer four premium finishes; Aluminium, Classic, Fer Forgé and Enzo.

  • Aluminium is robust, sleek, and modern.  Hand milled in Belgium, the quality finish appeals to both contemporary and traditional interiors.
  • Classic features bronze, brass, nickel and copper. Their timeless appearance blends with a wide range of interiors.
  • Fer Forgé is a beautifully hand engraved textured cover providing a unique and authentic finish - the perfect choice to make a statement with your interior.
  • Enzo is available in a choice of glass or leather adding the perfect premium finish to your interior. 

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