Product Spotlight

Our favourite functions to control with KNX

KNX has over 420 manufacturers and the protocol allows control of all aspects of the built environment from lighting control to fully automating a commercial building.

Below are some of our favourite functions that KNX is used for.

Lighting for life

Lighting control including dimming, colour changing, colour temperature and show control is easy with KNX and it can all be managed from simple scenes.

Even simpler is to use sensors allowing movement and lights to work in harmony. It is even possible to have different responses based on the time of day perfect for children who wake in the night.

When no-one is at home the lighting can follow the normal routine making the house more secure and looking occupied, giving piece of mind when owners are away.

Your view on the world

Make the most of the view by opening curtains in the morning and closing them as the day ends to make a cozy environment.

The blinds and windows can also be used to automatically manage solar gain in a room making the house more comfortable and energy efficient. 

When integrated into the wider home control safety functions can be realised simply by insuring windows and blinds are closed when the wind picks up.

With wired control there are no batteries and remote controls to lose. 

Beautiful designer switches, intelligent technology

An extensive range of stylish switches that are simple and easy to use. From simple and familiar, to switches designed by people who care about making beautiful things as well as effective products.

Because the KNX system controls so many aspects of the home you will need less keypads and switches on the wall ensuring the interior design isn't compromised.

You can even match the socket and other wiring accessories to create a seamless electrical installation.

Going off grid with sustainable energy

Monitoring and supervisory control of energy sources including sustainable sources such as solar means the consumption of energy can be optimised. 

When combined with consumption control you can ensure that systems requiring large amount of energy, like hot water tanks or swimming pools, are regulated to make the most of sustainable sources.

Staying comfortable

KNX is ideal for controlling all types of heating/cooling i.e. radiators, hydronic underfloor, air conditioning from all major manufacturers, forced air, air circulation fans and dampers. It was designed from the start to handle complex heating systems and does this with intelligence to ensure set points are met accurately and with the least energy possible.

Even when rooms have multiple sources of heat, KNX can easily manage both ensuring the room temperature is maintained in the most comfortable, energy efficient way but can still respond quickly to sudden temperature changes.

Wet and warm

Native KNX controllers can be implemented to control all the variables of the pool, like chemical introductions or heatpump control.

Even when you have a standalone pool, control systems KNX can still be used to monitor the water quality and temperature notifying you immediately if there are any issues.

Use a system interface to start your Sauna, steam room and Jacuzzi remotely so they are at the perfect temperature when you get to the pool area. 

Wine cellar

Wine needs looking after carefully. Temperature and air quality sensors allow for easy control and monitoring of wine cellars and other environments.

Take a look at the building from anywhere

Building management software with different pages for users, administrators, and guests will make interacting with the system simple, quick and easy.

Pages with floor layouts can be created and all the functions in the room made easily available, either on portable devices or wall mounted screens. 

This can then be accesed remotely from mobile devices (iOS or Android) so you can always see what is going on at home. Notifications can make sure you will be the first to know if there are any issues in the building, from a window that is left open to a leak in the water system.

Voice control

Integration with Siri, Alexa and other voice activated systems is available now making the system even simpler and easier to use.

Control of guest areas

Set up and control guest suites or attached buildings so they can be put into standby or occupied mode with single instruction.  Once in occupied mode the local control of heating and lighting is easy to implement.

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