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Proficient Audio Speaker Ranges Explained

Proficient Audio creates a range of high-quality speakers for use in-ceiling and in-walls as well as subwoofers and outdoor speakers. Proficient differentiates their product lines into two tiers based on their sound and build quality. 

  • The Signature Series is ideal for discerning listeners
  • The Protege Series is designed for listeners wanting better quality sound than they can find off-the-shelf

The Signature Series

The Signature Series is the flagship of the Proficient in-wall, in-ceiling, and landscape series speakers. The Signature Series also has a range of high-performance active subwoofers that provide a small footprint and sealed enclosure which is ideal for both high-performance music and movie bass reproduction.

Signature Series in-wall and in-ceiling speakers feature:

  • Kevlar woofer
  • Aluminum dome tweeter
  • Best tonal balance and neutral in character (no Sonic EQ) with base and treble contour controls
  • Tweeter bridge with phase plug that improves overall vocal clarity and provides a wider dispersion of sound
  • Cast aluminium speaker basket for:
    • Increased speaker rigidity
    • Reducing chassis vibration
    • A larger magnet
    • Higher SPL output
    • Increased sonic performance
  • High sensitivity
  • Best materials used for uncompromised performance and reliability
  • Exceptional power handling and efficiency 
  • More adjustability for different listening environments 
  • Luxury sound true to life reproduction
  • Solutions to suit:
    • Home theatre applications (Both in-wall and in-ceiling)
    • Critical music listening areas

Signature Series subwoofers feature:

  • Long-throw high back-EMF fibreglass woofer
  • 1000-watt amplifier
  • Rigid sealed enclosure  
  • High gloss piano black finish 
  • Auto setup with DSP room correction

Signature Series landscape speakers feature:

  • Satellite speakers 
    • Two-way speaker design
    • 4” and 6” models
    • 70/100 volt and 8-ohm support
    • Weatherproof fibreglass reinforced ABS enclosures 
    • Nickel-plated brass fittings 
    • 110-degree wide dispersion 
    • Multiple mounting options
  • Direct buried sub-woofers
    • 10” and 12” option
    • Waterproof HDPE enclosure 
    • Critter-proof port assembly 
    • 8-Ohm

The Protege Series

The Protege series is designed to provide great value for money and offers two tiers of in-ceiling and in-wall speakers, along with a range of subwoofers and an outdoor Landscape solution. 

Protege Series in-wall and in-ceiling speakers feature:

The Protege series have a two-tier lineup of in-wall and in-ceiling speakers to provide both value and performance across the range. These models provide better value for money than a traditional box-type speaker and higher power handling with greater sensitivity than many of the competitors in this category. 


  • Graphite injected polypropylene woofer
  • Aluminium dome tweeter
  • Great multi-purpose speaker for both background and moderate volume applications      


  • Polypropylene woofer
  • Soft dome tweeter
  • General background music applications
  • High power handling and greater sensitivity than competitors
  • Better value than box speakers

Protege Series subwoofers feature:

  • 8”, 10”, 12” and 15” models
  • High back EMF active woofer 
  • Long excursion polypropylene woofer 
  • Single active and dual passive drivers to provide greater efficiency and no port distortion that can affect ported subwoofers 
  • Amplifier outputs range from 400 to 1000 watts depending on the model 
  • Compact footprint for the woofer size

Protege Series landscape speakers feature: 

  • 4.1 solution low impedance solution that can be expanded to a 6.1 solution
  • Designed to run off a stereo amplifier or the second zone of an AVR 
  • Durable rotor moulded polyethylene enclosure 
  • Two-way speaker design 
  • Direct buried or hard surface subwoofer options

The Complete Proficient Range

The webinar linked below provides a comprehensive overview of all the Proficient Speakers.
Skip through to these timestamps for details on the different ranges.

  • 8.51 - In-ceiling & In-wall Speaker Range
  • 17.30 - Outdoor Speaker Range
  • 36.52 - Subwoofer Range

More Information

If you have other questions about the Proficient Audio range or would like to listen to any of these products, please phone us on 0800 333 553 or email anytime.

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