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Proficient Audio Outdoor Speaker Ranges

The Proficient All-weather Cabinet Speaker range will give you serious indoor/outdoor sound. The rugged cabinets can take anything your backyard can dish out: rain, snow, heat, cold, and even impacts from kids’ toys. A rustproof, powder-coated aluminium grille protects the speaker drivers from damage. The included swivel bracket lets you mount the speakers horizontally or vertically and point them in any direction.

  • Designed for both indoor and outdoor settings
  • Available in 5 models with 8", 6.5", 5.25", 4" bass drivers, and even a single stereo speaker option
  • Easy to install

Featured Product - AW830 - will totally rock any backyard! 

  • With a massive 8" woofer and a 3" midrange, this speaker produces remarkable outdoor sound quality 
  • 1" pivoting tweeter
  • 8" Model - 175W power handling means the AW830 plays loud enough to cover an entire tennis court
  • Sensitivity: 89db, Impedance: 4 0hms, Frequency Response: 35Hz - 20Hz
  • Download that Proficient AW830 brochure

The premium Signature Series of Landscape Speakers and subwoofers is a scalable solution suitable for small yards up to large fields or even stadium-sized coverage by simply adding more speakers and subwoofers to get more coverage. 

  • Rugged, weatherproof fibreglass reinforced ABS enclosures, ensuring years of reliable performance
  • The speakers have a 2-way design with 110-degree wide dispersion brings exceptional clarity and ensures better coverage than traditional outdoor speakers
  • Low and high impedance capabilities give you the flexibility to scale the system to fit any size backyard while an adjustable 70V/100V tap setting allows individual volume control of every speaker.
  • Satellite Series has two models: 4" version: AW-LS-4 & 6" version: AW-LS-6
  • Ground, surface and conduit mounting is made easy and reliable with quick-connect accessories, sold separately
  • The subwoofers are built with the same material that’s used to distribute municipal water underground, the waterproof enclosure is buried leaving only a discrete canopy that blends into any outdoor environment
  • The port and canopy assembly is designed to move air in an even 360-degree pattern
  • Two sub-woofer models: 10" version: AW-GSBSUB-10 & 12" version: AW-GSBSUB-12

The Protege Landscape Speakers are rugged and ensure years of reliable performance, including easily standing up to weed whackers and outdoor lawn equipment. These outdoor speakers won a 2021 TechHome Brillance Award for best-in-class sound.

  • Sold with either an 8" burial subwoofer or hardscape subwoofer matched with four 4" Protege Satellite speakers
  • Designed to be used with lower-powered distributed audio amplifiers or extended audio zones from conventional AVRs
  • Can be expanded to up to an 8.2 system
  • Weatherproof fibreglass reinforced ABS enclosures
  • Sold in three packages: 4.1 burial kit, 4.1 hardscape kit, 2.0 expansion kit
  • Download the Proficient Protege Outdoor Landscape Speakers brochure

The Proficient rock speakers have been designed to be heard and not seen. Years of engineering have gone into creating a seamless natural stone look with GeoRealistic finishes and no-fade colour.

  • Shaped like a rock (or planter) and designed for extreme environmental conditions
  • Available in Shale Brown, Granite, Speckled Granite and Sandstone
  • Waterproof design - US Military 883 Standard
  • No-fade protective paint
  • 6" & 8" Models
  • 8" Model - 10W-200W power rating, Sensitivity: 88db, Impedance: 8 0hms, Weight: 13.8kg
  • 5-year limited warranty
  • Download the Proficient Outdoor Rock Speaker brochure

The Complete Proficient Range

The webinar linked below provides a comprehensive overview of all the Proficient Speakers.

Skip through to these timestamps for details on the different ranges.

  • 8.51 - In-ceiling & In-wall Speaker Range
  • 17.30 - Outdoor Speaker Range
  • 36.52 - Subwoofer Range

More Information

If you have other questions about the Proficient Audio range or would like to listen to any of these products, please phone us on 0800 333 553 or email anytime.

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