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MDT Glass Push Button II Smart

The MDT Glass Push Button II Smart and Glass Push Button II Smart with Temperature Sensor are 6-way KNX push button sensors which can be used to control building functions including switching, dimming and colour control of lights, and typical operations of blinds, shades, curtains or louvres.

In addition to six button operation they can be configured to have several pages where the two buttons on top are used to scroll through the function pages and the four lower buttons are used to control the functions.  Depending on the number of pages there can be up to twelve function buttons in total.

Furthermore, the MDT Glass Push Button II Smart with Temperature Sensor can be used to instruct temperature setpoint changes via the KNX bus and to select different KNX HVAC modes such as Comfort, Standby, Night and Frost Protection.

The MDT Glass Push Button II Smart and Glass Push Button II Smart with Temperature Sensor are available in glass finish with a Black or White surround; the background of the display can also be set to black or white as desired.

The active coloured display enables function and status to be indicated and for each button the corresponding section of the display has adjustable text and symbols.  If desired, customised symbols can be configured in third party graphics software and imported into the device.  

If desired, a “Screen Saver” mode can be activated when the push buttons are not in use to display status of time, temperature, % humidity, CO2 (ppm) or wind speed.

Please contact or call 0800 333553 for more information.

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