Product Spotlight

New ABB IP Devices

New IP devices: The IP Router IPR/S 3.1.1 and IP Interface IPS/S 3.1.1. Both have received some major improvements and updates. 
IP Router IPR/S and IP Interface 3.1.1 featuring some of the following improvements:

  • 5 tunneling server 
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE) IEE 802.3af class 1
  • Adapted hardware: network cable connection, labeling field, DIN rail connection, cover cap, programming button
  • ABB i-bus tool support
  • Network management function “monitoring for KNX bus voltage failure”
  • Support of full filter table for all main groups 

The products are now available to order, call the team on 1300 811 510 or email:

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