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Why 250 Million KNX Devices Is More Than Just A Milestone

  • KNX announces 27 years’ growth has led to the manufacture of their 250 millionth device.
  • Longevity’s key reasons: trustworthiness, inter-operability, and backwards compatibility of all devices.
  • The growth of brand has led to regional technical standardisation in Australasia – the basis of further awareness and expansion towards a goal of becoming the accepted “foundation stone” of a good building.

When KNX President Franz Kammerl told the last KNX national group conference that there were now in the region of 250 million KNX devices installed throughout the world, the focus was less on the milestone figure and more on what that milestone says about the longevity and future for control protocol.

The president’s key message was that the figure of 250 million devices demonstrates the longevity of KNX but also the fact that the very first device that was installed using the very first copy of the ETS programming tool could still be reprogrammed to perform a different task today using the latest version of ETS and would integrate with a product that was only put on the market last week.
Longevity, inter-operability and backwards compatibility are the keystones to KNX’s dominance of the market as they demonstrate to building owners that using KNX as the foundation of their electrical control means they’re buying into something that will last the lifetime of that building – something that could be called “future-wiring".
When KNX is incorporated in a building the owners know they’ve got the right infrastructure so that even if they have to change some parts, they can trust that those devices will talk to another device that was installed years before.

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