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Light + Building 2016 Roundup

The world’s largest tradeshow for building technology brought over 2,500 exhibitors and visitors from all over the world. The show is the best show for industry professionals such as system integrators, architects, interior designers, planners and engineers etc. to discover the latest product innovations and solutions in lighting, electrical engineering and building automation.

At the show was an extensive range of new products presented, particularly in the home and building automation zones. Here we highlight a few of the latest innovations from some of our manufacturers.


ABB presented the newly updated Busch-ControlTouch. The app enables users to control all aspects of their building control and entertainment. Bush-ControlTouch can now integrate with Sonos and other 3rd party software and these can also be integrated with the outdoor ABB door communication systems.

ABB Hotel Solution
This is one of the most developed solutions to integrate room level control with the wider building and booking system. When paired with the extensive range of Keypad, Room Controllers and Data Plates it is a uniquely complete solution.


S4 & M4
The all-new S4 multi-user music server, the latest product in the Asano range, completes the high quality multiroom audio system, which can fully integrate into KNX home automation systems. The S4’s intuitive app is simple for all the family and ready to play music at any time. This can be paired with the networked Asano M4 4-Zone amplifier, which has 1 digital and 1 analogue source input. Used in combination with the S4 music server it can be neatly integrated into a home automation system.

New Switch Finishes
Keeping up with interior trends, a new Copper finish in the standard collection will be available. The Fer Forge finish has also been expanded in to a new collection available in a range of different finishes for the Sentido and Deseo switches.

The big surprise was a new range of on-wall speakers. Mounted in a housing to match the Asano music system with an extensive range of fabric covers making integration into an interior design possible.


Gira X1
The compact Gira X1 enables the visualisation and automation of the family home.  Unlike other actuators, the unique design and top hat rail mounting allows for fast and space saving solutions.

The E3 is the latest switch range from Gira. The soft-touch cover in an exclusive colour pallet of warm grey and brown tones gives an attractive and contemporary look.

Gira KNX IP Router
The updated KNX IP Router interconnects KNX lines via data networks. For secure communication it uses KNXnet/IP secure, where telegrams are encrypted and transmitted between devices via an IP network.

Taking KNX wireless Gira have released 1 and 3 buttons keypads and 2 simple remotes. When used with the KNX/RF Media coupler, these devices can form a part of the wider KNX Installation. Also available is a USB RF interface for commissioning both standalone KNX RF Solutions and full KNX installations if used with the media coupler.

Gira Tunable White Dali Controller
An exciting development across the show was the amount of controllers and ballasts that support the new DALI feature of Tunable white. This allows the colour temperature of LED fitting to be adjusted between Warm White and Cool White. Gira have released a Rotary controller that allows dimming of both the light level and the colour temperature.

Gira 106 Door Communication
First seen two years ago, Gira have re-launched the 106 external door stations range. Featuring striking design lines and available in three finishes this range introduces a new concept in door entry design.


ECON® Flex electronics box
Surprisingly one of the most innovate products was the new electronics housing backbox from Kaiser. Able to be installed in a standard 68mm cutout, this box has a rubber pocket to provide more space for electronics modules or connection.


This small sensor head has a tiny diameter of just 45mm.  The discrete thePiccola has an 8m presence and movement detection range.

The Fix Range of Theben dimming actuators provide evenly rising brightness level for LED lamps and the control of fans with up to 200w of LED per channel.

For apartments and single-family homes, the 0-10v fan coil actuator gives more precise and control of a heating system, enabling users to increase of decrease the temperature to the exact degree.

Theben presents PlanoSpot 360 KNX, the first presence detector on the market with a mechanically moving detection area. Its impressive square and adjustable detection area, flat design and discreet nature make PlanoSpot KNX the ideal solution for presence detection in rooms where a flexible layout is important.


Zennio have added to their ever-expanding range of actuators with some exiting new products.

Two new products for controlling groups of broadcast DALI in 4 or 6 channel configurations. Also released is an addressable DALI controller which includes a small display so ballast can be easily addressed.

TMD-Display View
A new capacitive touch controller with fully customisable display, 8 buttons and able to control the climate, audio, shutters, lighting, etc. It includes a new function to change page by pressing or sliding a central pushbutton

Two new models for controlling UFH systems with integrated logic and thermostat functions.

A new multifunction sensor input module with 8 analog-digital inputs and 8 zone thermostats.

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