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Xantech - Video over IP solutions

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The Xantech Premium Video over IP (VIP) platform distributes HDMI video over a 1GB Network switch with imperceptible 1-frame latency. Using lossless compression technology, Xantech delivers HDMI, IR, and RS-232 to lengths of up to 100m over a single CAT cable. As with all Xantech products, ease of installation is a must and the new 4K UHD Video over IP solution can be installed in minutes without the need for any networking qualifications. 

Key Features and Benefits

  • Easy installation and configuration using step-by-step wizard  
  • No need for knowledge of networks or creating VLAN’s
  • Supports full 4K UHD input, including HDR (@24fps) up to lengths of 100m
  • Exceptional image quality
  • Built-in video scaler enables each display to use optimal resolution
  • Scales to incorporate virtually any number of transmitters and receivers
  • Easy integration with all 3rd party control systems
  • Loop-out network port enables daisy-chaining receivers to extend distances
  • IR control and IR pass-through control enabled
  • PoE from a compatible PoE network switch can power all components within the system
  • Configurable with virtually any Layer 3 Gigabit network switch

Watch the quick start video below

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